Samstag Live Bands

The Rhythm Shakers (USA)

The Rhythm Shakers are a band of today and of the future; not a band living in the past. This record is a meeting of late 1950's rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Early 1960's blues and a mix of guitar driven Rock and Roll!!

The Desperados (USA)

The Desperados were started by Lou Ferns and Popeye 2 youngsters from Santa Ana as a side project, who never thought they would perform anywhere else but backyard gigs but little did they know they would soon be traveling the world, Lou Ferns also known as Slim was looking for a way out of the violence and getting into trouble with the law and this band was his savior, Lou got a call from Reb Kennedy and offered to record them and join his Record label

Eddie and thee sorpions (USA)


Eddie and thee scorpions are a young rockabilly band from southern California on WILD RECORDS


The Lucky Bullets (NOR)


The Lucky Bullets is a Norwegian rockabilly band, formed in 2006. They first came to fame when they performed on the main stage at by:Larm 2008. Three years later they competed in the Norwegian finals of the Eurovision Song Contest, where they reached the finals and finished 3rd. Their first album, Dead Mans Shoes, will be released in June 2012.

Charlie Hightone (SPA)


Charlie Hightone
is a main artist in Spain in the Rockabilly and 50s scene, he's one of the few spanish rockabilly musicians that have mostly
played all over the world.

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